A process document

August 28, 2006

At the end of the morning Tom and Anne shared with us ‘a process document’ about Elements of the Living Core of the World Café.
The Principles of Development and Co-Evolution are marked in kind of map. In the middle you see five design principles:

. Invitation, Offering and Inspired Hosting
. Listening and Being Present to Self, Other and the Whole
. Co-Evolving Through Friendship and Personal Relationships
. Conversations That Nourish Life
. Taking Minimum Elegant Next Steps

Around that are clustered ten other ones… takes too much time now to type them in, but probably they will become available on the net soon. I heard today that some people are working on a new website, which should be ready in the Fall.

To conclude the report on this paper: As Anne said: “Every principle comes out of the intention to have an “intentional co-evolutionary systems design work”. As said above, it is a process document… let’s all develop it further in the future!


Conversations are called…

August 28, 2006

After Juanita and David left…

Emmett, with some beautiful flute music in the background by Juan Carlos, takes us in a centering and relaxing space. From our own deep centering and gift to the world, to the invitation:
I am one who wants to be in, and now call a conversation with others who also care about…

It is clear we entered sacred space. The sharing is silent, the volume of the sound is much, much lower than in all conversations before. This is a magical moment…
Every caller starts with reading out this sentence and just adding their piece…

I never saw an Open Space marketplace with such concentration, efficiency and so on… we went to lunch … and right now, beginning afternoon, the break-out sessions are happening… more later!

David and Juanita’s story

August 28, 2006

David and Juanita celebrate their transition

David and Juanita were asked to share their story, their dream for the whole community yesterday evening, from a sensing in the design team.

David is speaking first, telling that he is first of all an emotional person. He learned, a very long time ago, that there are basically only four emotions. He learned to have his emotions on the front. “This community has given me the opportunity to experience these emotions. A lot of love, friendship, sadness, not so much anger…”
David and Juanita want to step away from the magician and the organizing. “I want to learn to steward this land, want to be with family, friends and live. I am ready! The letting go, at this point, is really easy. The dream will tell you… Read the rest of this entry »

A story told this morning

August 28, 2006

On a buffety, blustery early summer day, when the news was bad and the sky turned yellow, a strange thing happened in the town where I live. That morning, two grandmothers who had never met, not even by accident, put on their summer Sunday clothes, their most comfortable shoes, their favorite sun hats, walked to the park in the center of town.
Now that, of course, wasn’t the strange part because lots of people walk to the park, especially in summer.
It’s what the grandmothers did after they got there that set the whole town on its collective ear.
What, you ask, could two grandmothers do that would cause such a buzz on a buffety, blustery early summer day? Well, just wait till you hear. Read the rest of this entry »

Dragonfly story

August 27, 2006

Dragonfly story

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Anne Dosher telling us the story of Grandmother Dragonfly…she’s gathering the right people together

The dragonfly gathering!

August 27, 2006

Sunday (I guess). Another day of our gathering… Anne Dosher opens the day like the previous ones: calling in the directions in silence. Everybody is sitting in silence, eyes open, eyes closed… the sacredness is tangible…
And like in all the previous sessions the new people who joined us, are welcomed: Bienvenido!
Tom Hurley opens the conversation. We came to see ourselves as a whole through what happened in all the previous sessions. It seems that the meaning of stewardship has been shifting. We want to continue refining and deepening what this whole is and what stewardship means.
What are our core elements?
What does it take to support it, now and to steward it forward?
How will it look like, when it are not a few people, but a network that is stewarding?
We will use stories.
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Dancing the Night Away

August 27, 2006

Evening Music Dance_day2 003

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Many of us gathered together Saturday evening for a celebration with music and dance. We danced the night away, everything from “The Twist” to Celtic folk dances taught to us by Edgard Gouveia of Brazil. Thank you Edgard for your amazing ability to weave story, dance and community together.