Post Stewardship Dialogue Discussions

Well, the fabulous gathering in Tomales Bay is over, but the Stewardship Dialogue has just begun!

Besides the post-Stewardship Dialogue blog posts that will continue to be written here on the Stewardship blog by various authors, which you are warmly encouraged to respond to by ‘commenting’ as you are so called, there is an emergent conversation about the event and discussions about the ongoing stewardship of the World Cafe currently going on in the World Cafe online community. If you have not already registered please go ahead and do so now. Add the vibrancy of your voice to the virtual World Cafe conversation going on globally, 24/7.

Part of the Stewardship event discussion in the online community builds on an astute observation made recently by Finn Voldtofte – that we use the words World Cafe in three different ways: 1) as a unique process, or methodology for discussing questions that matter, 2) as a growing global community of people and organizations who use this methodology, and 3) as a metaphor (‘World as Cafe’) for the deeper work of co-creating life-affirming culture through relationship and conversation. There are conversations in this forum that allow you to follow all three of these threads, explore a perspective that takes in the whole, and/or anything else you want to discuss.

Join in and play!

Also – check out the inspiring array of photos from the event that have been uploaded to the World Cafe account on Flickr! We encourage you to set up your own account with them and upload all your World Cafe photographs as well (let us know if you’d like help). Don’t forget to tag them (see below), so that we can all see & share.

Techie Note: Here are some ‘official’ tags we’re using for the World Cafe, so please use them in tagging your own blog posts, Flickr images, Technorati searches, etc.:

All General World Cafe: ‘theworldcafe’
Anything specific to the Tomales Bay event: ‘twcgsd06’


One Response to Post Stewardship Dialogue Discussions

  1. Juanita Brown says:

    Wow, it’s great to see these threads of conversation going up and it being so easy to get there!!
    Thanks to whomever is helping this happen!
    😉 Juanita

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