Gratitude…and the radiant network

Tomales Bay from Marconi Center

It’s early morning, Sunday, September 3. I sit alone in my little sun porch room overlooking Tomales Bay— 5 minutes drive from the Marconi Center where the World Café Stewardship Dialogue was held. Here is our home.

I am still glowing, still feeling a deep sense of gratitude for and amazement at the mystery of life and of the spirit—both individual and collective spirit and how it moves and unfolds in the service of life.

My mind goes back 40 years—to 1966 when we first drove into Delano, California in our Volkeswagon bus to begin our work with Cesar Chavez and the farm workers movement…to work with “La Causa.” Our Stewardship gathering held some of that same spirit—the sense of possibility, of hopefulness in the midst of challenge, of fierce but gentle determination, of common purpose, of seeing ourselves as part of a larger whole that was alive and knew its strength…..even in the face of the precipice that we are collectively confronting as a species on this fragile planet.

To dance in the face of darkness, to hold onto each other as friends of the heart, to know that the smallest act, like the acts of local stewardship of this small Bay and the acts that each of you who were here and the many around the globe who were here in spirit are taking into your own lives, families, organizations, and communiities….this is what makes me glad to be alive even in this time of uncertainty and upheaval.

We need each other. What happened here at the Stewardship Dialogue, in my view, was not only about the World Café process or method….although that was present. It was not about the World Café community….even though a fractal of that community was present….rather, it was about the deeper work for which the World Café is but one portal.

It is that work to which I am called….and I feel honored that the World Café has revealed itself to us and others as a doorway (among many others) through which we can, together, find kindreds on the path….and to make that path together by walking on it.

I offer my deep gratitude to those who were able to be here for the Stewardship conversation….and, more importantly, to all of you who have been friends and colleagues around the world for this work over the last decade. Whether or not you were physically present, you were here in spirit and I hope that this blog and the photos of the gathering enable you to know that you are welcome, always, to be a part of what Peggy Holman and our friends from the Open Space world call the “radiant network.”

I am honored to be a steward of one small part of it…..

Fondest regards,

Juanita Brown


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