Community Dancing with Edgard Gouveia

Edgard Gouveia

One of the MANY highlights of the Global Stewardship Dialogues for me was meeting Edgard Gouveia of Brazil. His open heart and engaging smile quickly made everyone around him feel like an old friend. Throughout our time together at the Marconi Center, Edgard showed us all the importance of purposeful playfulness. On multiple occasions, he led the entire group in song and dance, weaving together story, laughter, fun, and connections — a true master at building a sense of community.

Edgard is deeply focused on facilitating positive social change in the world. I have no doubt that his exuberance, love of life and genuine compassion for his fellow human beings will allow him to continue to accomplish positive, creative change wherever he goes.

See also the Elos Institute workspace hosted on the Berkanna Institute website and the short video clip featuring Edgar (in Portuguese)


5 Responses to Community Dancing with Edgard Gouveia

  1. I´am so luck – and glad! – that I cant get red!!!!
    Big hug in everyone!!! I´m missing you!!

  2. Jenni Dunn says:

    Dear Edgard,

    Your spontaneous dancing leadership added another creative dimension to a special time- one more pleasant surprise with being together!

    If you have time to send the words to me I would enjoy bringing them to our work in Australia – including for my birthday party!

    Big hug back!


  3. Hi Jenni,
    Sorry to answer so late. I just forgot that someone could let me a mensage for me here. I can’t acces your email directly. How can I send you the song?And please, wich song are you talking about.
    Maybe, Berequete! Lets try…
    Berequetengue, tengue, tengue!
    Berequetengue, tengue, tengue!
    Berequetengue, tengue, tengue!
    Berequetengue, tengue, tengue!
    Another moviment…

  4. Monika says:

    It was wonderful to meet you Edgar. Thank you for adding “pleasureously” moments to the gathering and to my vocabulary. Monika

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