What are minimal, elegant and sufficient next steps?

Monday afternoon
Tom called a conversation around the question: What are minimal, elegant and sufficient next steps for the stewardship? This is not the original wording; Tom was much more precise about it, but anyway you get the sense of what he called a conversation about.

Tom talked about ‘the world café commons’: what are the few things that belong in the commons, that everybody has access to, draw upon, support to…
One kind of thing that can be in the commons is money… if participants were tithing maybe. The commons also contains the purpose and the principles and they permeate the network… Those core memes serving the whole are continuously inquired and renewed. Another thing that the commons might contain is the minimum social structure we need… We are here both into verbs and nouns: things and activities.

Part of the sensing and thinking work that is already done, is written down in a map: eight parts on a wheel: as capacities that the network would need to support:
Core leadership and guidance
Enabling resources and energy to flow: the resource metabolism; how are they coming in and how are they flowing out?
Convening and hosting cafés: what from the perspective of minimal steps, what is needed to hosting cafés?
Spreading the word
Minimum necessary and sufficient infrastructure
Enabling the network to be visible
Fostering partnerships and connections
Developing knowledge and capacities

If these are the capacities, then what are the minimal common conditions for these capacities to thrive?
This is an opportunity for us all to bring our gifts; and to become very concrete!
End of Tom’s words.

What follows is some report of the conversation that came out of that. It is partly my clustering of themes, and partly the clusters as they were talked about later on. You hear now different voices…

We are looking for the minimal common conditions for the community to thrive. If the World Café is not an end to itself, then we need to open, to broaden; to finding ways to join all the other evolutionary forces that are happening. Then we would need to think about scaling up, replicability, …

I think it is time to talk concretely about this community; there is a fear that if we talk about global consciousness it will not be concrete… let’s think small!

Pioneers of Change, Chaordic Commons… all in a fragile state… it seem that we are missing something… what lies under these 8 quadrants…

The community is abstract; I want to focus on the real people… You cannot administer a network, you can only serve it! The eight quadrants are an administer thing. What do the people need; the hosts, the researchers, and other roles… it may be a whole lot simpler and elegant…

Tom again: We can even see it as: “What do I need?” The question was asked to all of us:
What is it that would serve and support me – and all others – as a participant in this network? And what supports the interconnection with other communities?
some moments to reflect on your own, and listen and speak from the silence within.

Later on, a strong voice was hard about: instead of ‘What do I need?’, ‘What can we contribute and what do we need to enable these contributions?’

A lot of ideas, a lot of conversation … too much to capture… a few clusters, highlights as I saw them. Most of these clusters gathered later in separate sessions, and a lot more, … I could only capture this. All were held with the principle of: What is the minimal, elegant, sufficient next step?

Acting locally.
Operating regionally.
Learning globally.

For the transition, let’s make sure that the baton is passed securely, and then let us run with it!

A working digital social network
Now there is Webcrossing: a forum for conversations (please join!) and some clumsy library. For the future we will need additional resources: more people, more technology, keeping up with technology…
the digital community can take many forms…
Space for What do we learn from it? a library of stories, practices… In more precise language: tools, methods, facilitation for a knowledge system.

Data resource – To be connected
We need a detailed database, a network map of the people, for anyone to be able to find a host, and to find each other; searchable on many different dimensions/criteria – geographical, lessons learned, sector, experience,

The hub is essential as point of reference. Amy is leading an update of the site, with all the old material and a lot of new one.
Principles are build on the Open Source Movement and on Beauty. Open Source Movement believes that Intellectual Property is free, and should be developed by the community. They provide a central place. Material only goes to the central place when new material is ready to go out into the world. It goes along with the Creative Commons Licenses

The resource metabolism
Money is one resource; but lets think about all resources at the same time! What can we do different? Can we set minimal contribution ground rules, that would enable both locally, regional and global?

developing and distribute basic tools and materials
Maintenance and ongoing development of the basic resource materials; especially for Africa, Asia etc.

Community connection mechanism
within and across levels
online and print stuff; referrals!
building on the annual ftf meetings
Is World Café possible to support it in Vietnam, in Sri Lanka? How can the world café community support this to happen?
having mentorship to learn from

Seeing the whole
Leadership and guidance
Having a group that is trying to hold the whole; to hold the helicopter view. A group that consciously can take a step back and look at the whole; that can look at the shadow; that can give overall guidance.


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