Opening to the future!

After two rounds of intense, little circles – some silent, some with outburst of movement and joy – the third round was what normally is called the break; as Tom put it.
We try to reconvene but conversations are so intense… so much needs till to be shared, appointments to be made, …

Tom: We are here for the world, and for serving the call that speaks to us; although we are now full in our heart of the friendship that is tangible here.
In this circle, we will invite people to stand and speak about what you are feel called to do in stewardship for the World Café. Related to very specific needs, which we talked about in the previous days.

Many, many voices,
many, many plans,
many, many commitments,
many, many people who step forward,
many, many promises,
many, many voices about connecting:
connecting people, generations, ideas,
taking responsibility for certain regions
taking responsibility for the financial situation in the future
and lots more…

then there were little gifts …
saying goodbye in all languages…
and we ended: DANCING! with a little Brazilian flavor!!!


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