Closing morning

Tuesday morning

We were welcomed this morning in the big circle, the online photo’s shown on the screen. After some practical stuff, gratefulness was shown in many, many ways and to many, many persons.
As this is the anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans, Nancy showed us how she worked with art, newspapers, masks around the questions of leadership…

What is NOW in my mind, in my heart, in my body; in between us and around us; and how that influences how stewardship also can be?

No tables this time, small circles forming; on chairs, sitting on the ground… two, three, four, five…
Jenni Dunn
Finn said: We know how to do this! Indeed, we know. Without effort deep conversations start…
and smoothly new circles are forming…

We still have two hours to go and I don’t know if I will find the time to post something more. You will see in a couple of hours!


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  1. craig says:

    go amy go! we are with you here in the great midwest!

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