David and Juanita’s story

David and Juanita celebrate their transition

David and Juanita were asked to share their story, their dream for the whole community yesterday evening, from a sensing in the design team.

David is speaking first, telling that he is first of all an emotional person. He learned, a very long time ago, that there are basically only four emotions. He learned to have his emotions on the front. “This community has given me the opportunity to experience these emotions. A lot of love, friendship, sadness, not so much anger…”
David and Juanita want to step away from the magician and the organizing. “I want to learn to steward this land, want to be with family, friends and live. I am ready! The letting go, at this point, is really easy. The dream will tell you…
All of my dreams have always been fragmented. This particular dream was totally clear, in three dimensions, full colour; grandioos. I’m an eagle with eagle eyes, I am over Las Vegas, at night, looking down to this incredible expansion of light. My eagle eyes zoom in on a hotel of 150 it didn’t have a the marq is 30 stories high: all red lights in the midts of the white light show: JUST TRUST!”
I woke up, and told Juanita.
I used it as a mantra since then. What I am able to do, because of who you are, I can walk out of being the warrior and the magician and being addicted to network you, just trusting that you will find each other. Trusting the purpose of the World Café: “to awaken and engage collective intelligence (at every level of human system) through conversation about questions that matter, to nourish and renew life”.
I trust that you will take this work into you own life and communities; to nourish life. That you will give it away to other people with an open hand and hopefully you never need to sell it. I just trust that it is there. I can now step away and be a steward of my own life. I can engage with you, when you invite me. I am in deep spirit of deep inspiration and deep respect. You are my community; I have never been more happy than now!
When I was in Mexico to study Spanish, before email was here, I send a fax; I took a dictionary and I wrote: Yu te much o sempre…. I say it to all of you!
Just trusting the work you will do, not mistaking that we are separate!”

Then Juanita goes on… she shows a little duck…
“David came home from a trip and he brought me a nest of little birds. There were 5 birds, and one of them was this one… it makes a sound… it always reminded me to the sound of yearning…. I realized in October, surprising and unexpected, confrontation: What did we want for our lives in this stage; and what could our relation with the World Café community also be?
What made that conversation hard for me, was to be fearful, to respond to this sound… somehow I would either see myself or that others would see me as abandoning the cause… I come from a long line of activists, my mother was an activist… I want to continue and simultaneously I want to balance the intimacy of my live. I want to have the intimacy of place, and to be the steward of some small place; of really being able to be present to the voice of a place; geographical and inside myself. I realized that by speaking of that yearning I will be serving the highest and best for the World Café as well. They said to me: You have to trust that! Give yourself that permission! and we did begin to speak about it…
I couldn’t work this out with my head; all the pieces were connected… I couldn’t work it out, what would be the platform… at the same time, we need unstructured time; some period of unstructured time in order to feel what it feels like to wake up in ‘a place’; I need unstructured time for unbridled creativity, to arrange flowers, to learn to play my flute, … We need some time to honor and be with my parents; not as an obligation, but to be present in that way; to the legacy that they have offered to me. I and we need to cultivate our physical well-being in order to continue our work. These were some of the things we knew we needed unstructured time for.
The other thing that we knew was, we wanted to continue to engage in right relationship with this community and to find out what this right relationship is… what I don’t know at this moment… I have no idea what form it will take, they are deeply personal, and it has also a deep relationship with this work. I have chosen not to have children, consciously, and I don’t regret… the possibility now that the generations come together, the younger ones coming into the live of this community and in my personal life.
You young people, where ever you come from, with your unique gifts! I didn’t grow up as net-native; but we do know what is the importance of it. I want to actively participate in this many-to-many; the grass-root of the future!!
Another tread, today’s meaning of activism; there is something very different now. What is the now activism, what is compassionate activism, what is spiritual activism? My grandmother in Mexico said: I want to die fighting! We, David and I, we don’t want to die angry!!!!”
Tears are heard… Edgard, young man of Latin-America… Juanita put her hands on his heart… tangible silence… she continues…
“My former life-partner D. is now on the other side, he passed away. He was a tall African-American, he was a renaissance man with an incredible heart. It occurred to me last night that perhaps the reason that I had reached out to E., in Mexico, is because he could have been our child. That was the spirit of this young man; the spirit of D. I feel so grateful to be in this community, that enables to show an Edgard in our lives! That we could dance!!!
It is the gift of this community to see that and to speak that.
David and I were walking on the beach: Could we imagine anyone in the world better in trusting some period of unstructured time than to the people coming to this gathering? We could literally not image there were better people!!! OK, I wasn’t totally trusting until yesterday afternoon…. laughing….
It was a Yes, yes, yes! What we would like to request to this community is a gift; like Anne has always asked of us; to deeply listen and take the minimal elegant next steps. What could we truly commit to in this yearning for unstructured time? We feel we can truly commit to six months of unstructured time, including making clear these treads of right relationship with this community. Deeply knowing that we don’t come back in the same roles. It can be held and become new in this community. We still evolve to know what is right relationship. That’s the blessing we ask from this community. It will start in January, that leaves 4 months for the transition.
What is also is important that we have your blessing and permission to take the rest of the day in unstructured time, so that we come back this evening to the celebration.

Everybody stands! applaus! singing:
as David shows the little world-balls on every table:
We got the whole world in our hands!
We got the whole world in our hands!

They leave!!!
“Bye mom! Bye dad!”
“Now lets find out how we are going to do it!”


6 Responses to David and Juanita’s story

  1. Alan Stewart says:

    Go well, Juanita and David.

    I would greatly hope to be among the friends with whom you keep connected …

    With love


  2. Juanita and David,

    What beautiful moments as you shared not only your story, but your love and believe in the nurturing nature of life. We are all touched and enriched by the abundance of your sharing!


  3. juanitabrown says:

    Thank you Charles and Alan…I am deeply grateful for the outpouring of love for us and for this work that occurred….and of course we are keeping closely connected to all our friends of the World Cafe. Taking unstructured time means nurturing and deepening our friendships because we’ll hae more time to do that!


  4. david isaacs says:

    Many thanks to you, Alan and Charles, for being with us and the World Cafe community of
    practice and learning…. your presence out there in “the world as cafe” brings knowledge
    and creativity and innovation to a reintegrating relationship between humanity and life at this
    “pregnant with possibility moment!!

    With gratitude for your contributions to the deeper work of the World Cafe!

    David Isaacs

  5. Jane Brunette says:

    Wow–All I can do is clap and bow, clap and bow as you enter into the richness of this step into the landscape of home. So much love to both of you…. Jane

  6. Carolyn Baldwin says:

    The image coming to me now is of rose petals falling and gracing your path, David and Juanita. David, I will hold in my heart always the time of a big embrace from you, and your words to me many years ago, now, when you said “we are connected now, we are part of the same community” and I could feel the openheartedness with which the embrace was given. And later, you, Juanita, who welcomed and embraced me with a generosity which is rare and cherished among friends. My life, my path has been shaped and enriched by the presence of each of you, my very beloved Juanita and David. Blessings to you, for you, on you, the love of the whole be with you, this day and always. I send my love and gratitude.

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