A process document

At the end of the morning Tom and Anne shared with us ‘a process document’ about Elements of the Living Core of the World Café.
The Principles of Development and Co-Evolution are marked in kind of map. In the middle you see five design principles:

. Invitation, Offering and Inspired Hosting
. Listening and Being Present to Self, Other and the Whole
. Co-Evolving Through Friendship and Personal Relationships
. Conversations That Nourish Life
. Taking Minimum Elegant Next Steps

Around that are clustered ten other ones… takes too much time now to type them in, but probably they will become available on the net soon. I heard today that some people are working on a new website, which should be ready in the Fall.

To conclude the report on this paper: As Anne said: “Every principle comes out of the intention to have an “intentional co-evolutionary systems design work”. As said above, it is a process document… let’s all develop it further in the future!


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