What was dominated is now surfacing

This morning we started with a Café on Stewardship: How to steward this World Café to the future?
The focusing question was:
What in the world,
of the world,
of the World Café is going on?

I listened deeply to the answers of the other ones, wrote them down and a pattern was showing up to me. One talked about a café with construction workers, he invited them to build something together on the little tables – literally. Another voice was drawing our attention to the fact that although we have a lot of different nationalities in the room, we hardly have people from Africa and not even one from the Arab world. A third voice spoke about the importance of the doodling together, which related to anther voice about adding more of the other senses, more ‘hands-on’, more of beauty to the conversation.
Another word I wrote down was “TWC as Equaliser”.
So, What comes from the field?
The pattern that showed itself to me was as if we are asked to put more attention to “dominated” energies and people. Like to wipe out all imbalances, to get rid of all power-over, to become conscious of our ‘normal’ way of doing and go beyond…
So: next round, next table, more stories wove together…

What questions on Stewardship of TWC are coming to life now?
The African voice shared a story about first – before starting the conversation – doing something together. In his case: building ‘an oasis in the dessert’, only from what you already have. This creates a feeling of wonder, of accomplishing a miracle! After that, conversation is likely to be more inspiring!
We were asked to get some clarity together about what the next question was we had to offer.
I started with: How can we include the dominated energies, people, beings, values more? But it quickly dawned on me that ‘include’ can still be a word from the ‘dominators’. Let’s include somebody from Africa; let’s add some beauty … I tried the word ‘invite’: still the same kind of power-relation there!
Somebody else came up with the verb ‘enjoy’. Yes! That’s it! It includes engagement, appreciation; it doesn’t allow us to stay ‘out of it’. One of the final versions was: How to enjoy the dominated energies, people, beings, values for a fuller dance of Life? Another version of this question became: How can the World Café serve the enjoying connection among the whole (animate and inanimate beings)?

A basic – from an introduction to the website and online space in the afternoon – the importance of Beauty! not beauty as something superficial, but beauty as an expression of integrating all aspects of life.

Afternoon focus question: What is the question you want to host a conversation around?
Look what people came up with!
How do we expand the realms of the TWC to conversations that bridge traditional boundaries of language and shared meaning, such as inter-cultural, inter-species and inter-dimensional?
How do we transform the established “leading” thinking processes (and assumptions of reality power etc) to openly honest dialog process as a better/collaborative assumption of truth and reality?
How can TWC be a collective portal or host for our future memories of creating a life-affirming, planetary civilization?
As if some others were speaking of the same theme. Of course there were a lot more questions, but it take some other people to write about that!


2 Responses to What was dominated is now surfacing

  1. Avril says:

    Re the right verb: How about ’embrace’? It’s a word that, to me, contains the mutuality we’re looking for, and is something we have to do actively, whereas we can enjoy things passively if we choose to.

    Hello all! I’ve just logged into this conversation and don’t want to butt in without introducing myself, but I also don’t want to distract from the point of this dialogue by writing at length about myself. If you’d like to know more, I introduced myself in the ‘welcome’ section of the website at http://www.theworldcafecommunity.net/webx?14@321.x26KaVqHbF1.35@.1ad53a4c/132

    I hope to be more actively involved in the online dialogue in future!

    Warm wishes from Vancouver, BC –


  2. Ria Baeck says:

    Thanks for engaging in this conversation! So much is going on here, that I/we have hardly time to respond to all of you. I guess we will have to learn in the future to plan in time to exchange conversation with the ones who are not physically here… Ria

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