And so it begins…

The Stewards gathered this afternoon for the first time, met with an enthusiastic welcome from members of the local community of West Marin. The setting here at the Marconi Center is a most conducive environment for all things nurturing and transformative, with the sweep of Tomales Bay opening before us and the wide blue sky and majestic eucalyptus towering above us.

After World Café elder Anne Dosher ritually called in the power of the eight directions, we invoked all of you who could not be here but are part of this circle, & acknowledged the geographic range of voices represented in the room – we’ve come from all over the US, from Singapore, China, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, & Australia. What a resonance as we greeted each other in our native tongues! Then we began the gathering with a café (of course) focused on the questions: “What in your life now connects you most deeply to the World Café?”, and “What is the ‘yes’ that brings you here?”

The ‘answers’ flew thick and fast and the one I most connected with at my table was from Denmark’s Finn Voldtofte, who shared his personal commitment to an evolution of a collective intelligence that could address the “creation of a new house order”. This in response to the challenges of a global warming that will inevitably cause droughts & floods resulting in mass migrations and social/geographic/political changes that we cannot afford to deal with using the old limiting models. As he said, these issues will “take more than the individual” to solve fruitfully.

And so the Stewards Dialogue has begun, rich and warm, this first session ending with our session co-host Samantha Tam inviting us to ‘smell the sweetness of this conversation”, as frogs chimed in with their evening song.

Please know that your words and thoughts are part of this conversation, too, and it is our wish that you feel the welcome invitation there is for you here and in the community forum, to join with us in this enquiry and exploration of the next steps for the World Café, to come along with us on this journey and help with the unfolding.


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