What does stewardship mean to you?

Hello everyone,

I’ve never blogged before in my life, and I am deely grateful to the GiGi’s—the Girl Geeks––for helping me figure out how to start! I hope I’m not offending some unofficial blog etiquette, so here goes!

In just five days, more than 80 “stewards” of the World Café will be gathering at the Marconi Center on Tomales Bay, a pristine and fragile ecosystem which includes not only the Bay, but pastures, wild ocean, oyster fisheries, dairy and organic farming and a diverse population who live here because we love this “place” and want to see it survive and thrive for future generations.

Helping to organize the World Café Stewardship Dialogue in this unique natural environment has made me think more deeply about the question “What does stewardship mean to me? In this gathering we’ll be asking this question in relation to the future of the World Café.

For me, stewardship has a loving quality…loving something you value and want to help care for and sustain for the long term. For me, stewardship involves an inner act of engagement and committed action in relation to something that may still be vulnerable to destruction if it is held in disregard.

I had a very special visit with Sandra Leicester, of Blessings Lavender Farm, who has been also been drawn to the Tomales area and is one of the local hosts for the World Café gathering. At a recent “womens tea” together, we began to explore the question of stewardship.

The next day, Sandy sent me a note that she’d been thinking more deeply about what stewardship meant to her. Here’s an excerpt from her perspective, “Stewardship demonstrates the fundamental nature of love, and of humans as lovers of life. In becoming stewards, we commit ourselves to the love we feel in our hearts and allow its expression, giving it back to the world….A collective of stewards is a collective of hearts, a vast and powerful network of spiritual light ……the manifestation of which is magical, miraculous, and largely unimaginable.

I was deeply touched by Sandy’s reflections and am wondering, What does stewardship mean to you who may be reading this post?

Juanita Brown


4 Responses to What does stewardship mean to you?

  1. Beth says:

    Excellent first post! You are a natural blogger!

  2. Amy Lenzo says:

    I too am deeply touched by the directness with which you (& Sandy, in your quote from her) have articulated the loving nature of stewardship… foregrounding the quality of ‘caring for’ that I associate with the word, and addressing it explicitly as ‘love’.

    I believe that love is the value, the quality, that will transform our world. So when you talk about stewardship in this way, and especially within this scope – including not only people and organizations, but the land and all the interwoven interdependent tribularies of our connections with each other and the ecosystems we are part of – you are really talking about transformation on a grand scale.

    When we are able to embrace the idea of stewardship for the natural environments in which we all live and work, along with the stewardship of ourselves and the personal relationships with our friends and colleagues that we hold so dear, we have something extremely powerful. From this small pod of people who are coming together because of their care for the World Cafe there is true potential for transforming the world itself. May it be so.

  3. Welcome Juanita, to the world of blogging. I think if you stick with this you may find something you’ve been looking for.

    And I hope you keep this up after the gathering…

    Talk to you soon…

  4. worksmarts says:

    Juanita, Hugs as you bring your voice and vision to the wonderful forum of blogging! When you joined us at BrainJam! less than a month ago, I knew you got it and now here you are. The magic is in the moment . . . just say what’s on your mind *right now* and the rest will fall into place.

    Loretta Donovan

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