Purpose of the World Cafe Stewardship Dialogue

From August 25-29, over 70 of the world’s most experienced World Café hosts, pioneers, and special friends from 15 countries on five continents are gathering in a beautiful Northern California setting on Tomales Bay to meet one another, share what we’ve learned, and co-evolve strategies for the future of the World Café community and its work in the years ahead. With ample time for deep connection, good conversation, and the weaving of personal passion and collective purpose, magic is sure to happen!

Our purpose in gathering is to nurture and deepen the field of collective intelligence through which the World Café community of practice can guide its own development and the evolution of its work, on an ongoing basis. The Stewardship Dialogue is an opportunity for the international community to become visible to itself, for World Café pioneers to share stories about what is taking place in different regions, and for participants to envision what might be next for them and their regions in fostering active cultures of dialogue and committed action on behalf of life affirming futures.

We look forward to:

· Deepening relationships among individuals in the community.

· Exploring the most exciting opportunities emerging for the World Café, including connections to kindred efforts around the world.

· Determining what is needed for the World Café network to thrive in the years ahead.

· Fostering a shared sense of responsibility for our next steps.

Thomas Hurley



2 Responses to Purpose of the World Cafe Stewardship Dialogue

  1. Beth says:

    Congrats on your first blog post. I am reading it on my pda some place in rural PA and will think about your question and post later.

  2. Amy Lenzo says:

    Thank you Tom, for your elegant clarification of purpose for the upcoming World Cafe Steward’s Dialogue in Tomales Bay next weekend.

    The opportunity this dialogue represents is enormous, and especially so when one recognizes the depth and breadth of the people who will be represented here. From a pool drawn from such a diverse range of career fields, ages, national and geographic, political, religious, economic and educational backgrounds & affiliations we truly have a microcosm of the world gathering together. The many many others who will join us virtually make this an even more diverse and full opportunity for magic, even beyond our current hopes and dreams.

    With a genuine dialogue grounded in our love for each other, the world and the work we are doing together, the possibilities are truly breathtaking. Or should I say breath giving. 🙂

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