Opening to the future!

August 29, 2006

After two rounds of intense, little circles – some silent, some with outburst of movement and joy – the third round was what normally is called the break; as Tom put it.
We try to reconvene but conversations are so intense… so much needs till to be shared, appointments to be made, …

Tom: We are here for the world, and for serving the call that speaks to us; although we are now full in our heart of the friendship that is tangible here.
In this circle, we will invite people to stand and speak about what you are feel called to do in stewardship for the World Café. Related to very specific needs, which we talked about in the previous days.

Many, many voices,
many, many plans,
many, many commitments,
many, many people who step forward,
many, many promises,
many, many voices about connecting:
connecting people, generations, ideas,
taking responsibility for certain regions
taking responsibility for the financial situation in the future
and lots more…

then there were little gifts …
saying goodbye in all languages…
and we ended: DANCING! with a little Brazilian flavor!!!


Closing morning

August 29, 2006

Tuesday morning

We were welcomed this morning in the big circle, the online photo’s shown on the screen. After some practical stuff, gratefulness was shown in many, many ways and to many, many persons.
As this is the anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans, Nancy showed us how she worked with art, newspapers, masks around the questions of leadership…

What is NOW in my mind, in my heart, in my body; in between us and around us; and how that influences how stewardship also can be?

No tables this time, small circles forming; on chairs, sitting on the ground… two, three, four, five…
Jenni Dunn
Finn said: We know how to do this! Indeed, we know. Without effort deep conversations start…
and smoothly new circles are forming…

We still have two hours to go and I don’t know if I will find the time to post something more. You will see in a couple of hours!

What are minimal, elegant and sufficient next steps?

August 29, 2006

Monday afternoon
Tom called a conversation around the question: What are minimal, elegant and sufficient next steps for the stewardship? This is not the original wording; Tom was much more precise about it, but anyway you get the sense of what he called a conversation about.

Tom talked about ‘the world café commons’: what are the few things that belong in the commons, that everybody has access to, draw upon, support to…
One kind of thing that can be in the commons is money… if participants were tithing maybe. The commons also contains the purpose and the principles and they permeate the network… Those core memes serving the whole are continuously inquired and renewed. Another thing that the commons might contain is the minimum social structure we need… We are here both into verbs and nouns: things and activities. Read the rest of this entry »

A certain kind of person

August 29, 2006

There was another reading this morning, a poem by William Stafford, that had particular resonance for me. It starts like this:

If you don’t know the kind of person I am
and I don’t know the kind of person you are
a pattern that others made may prevail in the world
and following the wrong god home we may miss our star.

The poem speaks to me of a number of things… It points to the kind of knowing about each other we can have through dialogue (whether it be face to face or on-line), as well as to the importance of conversation deep enough to let us ‘know what kind of person’ we each are.

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A process document

August 28, 2006

At the end of the morning Tom and Anne shared with us ‘a process document’ about Elements of the Living Core of the World Café.
The Principles of Development and Co-Evolution are marked in kind of map. In the middle you see five design principles:

. Invitation, Offering and Inspired Hosting
. Listening and Being Present to Self, Other and the Whole
. Co-Evolving Through Friendship and Personal Relationships
. Conversations That Nourish Life
. Taking Minimum Elegant Next Steps

Around that are clustered ten other ones… takes too much time now to type them in, but probably they will become available on the net soon. I heard today that some people are working on a new website, which should be ready in the Fall.

To conclude the report on this paper: As Anne said: “Every principle comes out of the intention to have an “intentional co-evolutionary systems design work”. As said above, it is a process document… let’s all develop it further in the future!

Conversations are called…

August 28, 2006

After Juanita and David left…

Emmett, with some beautiful flute music in the background by Juan Carlos, takes us in a centering and relaxing space. From our own deep centering and gift to the world, to the invitation:
I am one who wants to be in, and now call a conversation with others who also care about…

It is clear we entered sacred space. The sharing is silent, the volume of the sound is much, much lower than in all conversations before. This is a magical moment…
Every caller starts with reading out this sentence and just adding their piece…

I never saw an Open Space marketplace with such concentration, efficiency and so on… we went to lunch … and right now, beginning afternoon, the break-out sessions are happening… more later!

David and Juanita’s story

August 28, 2006

David and Juanita celebrate their transition

David and Juanita were asked to share their story, their dream for the whole community yesterday evening, from a sensing in the design team.

David is speaking first, telling that he is first of all an emotional person. He learned, a very long time ago, that there are basically only four emotions. He learned to have his emotions on the front. “This community has given me the opportunity to experience these emotions. A lot of love, friendship, sadness, not so much anger…”
David and Juanita want to step away from the magician and the organizing. “I want to learn to steward this land, want to be with family, friends and live. I am ready! The letting go, at this point, is really easy. The dream will tell you… Read the rest of this entry »